Balance Problems

Problems with balance are frequently seen with a variety of conditions. The cause of the problem can be complex and due to many factors. Often poor sensation and joint position sense in the feet can be seen e.g. peripheral neuropathies. This associated with possible muscle weakness can cause a person to fall. As we get older these problems become more common place due to other medical conditions.

Neurological physiotherapy can help to improve your balance. Through specific exercises and rehabilitation your balance systems can be challenged. This, alongside, use of appropriate aids can reduce the risk of further falls. It may also be useful to practice getting up from the floor to ensure the individuals safety.

A physiotherapy assessment will highlight which areas are problematic for you and these will be focused on during treatment. For best results, it is recommended that exercises are completed for a total of 50 hours, 2 hours a week for 6 months (Sherrington et al 2011). This may include physiotherapy sessions, exercises at home and walking practice.

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